Justice League stuck in controversy over its skimpy Amazon costumes ahead of its release

Ahead of Justice League release, the movie has fallen into a controversy for its revealing costumes about the Amazon warriors for Zack Synder's upcoming flick Justice League.

Comparison of Amazon Warrior 's costumes
Amazon Costumes in Wonder Woman (left) and Justice League Facebook

Ahead of Justice League's release, the movie has fallen into controversy for its revealing costumes of the Amazon warriors.

One of the Wonder Woman fans tweeted about the costumes by comparing the pictures of actors wearing amazon costumes in Wonder Woman as well as in Justice league. The actors in Justice League are revealing their torso, which is uncovered in the form of a two-piece, while in Wonder Woman, the characters are wearing costumes covered up by a protective bodice.

The debate soon began to spread like wildfire in the social media, garnering mixed reactions among fans debating over the Amazon costumes. Soon, the discussion involved celebrities like actress Jessica Chastain who expressed her disfavor against the costumes. It is being said that the new costumes in Justice League don't do justice to the ruthless matriarchial group, as shown in the Wonder Woman movie.

Most of the fans are arguing that the new Amazon costumes are more sexualized in nature and moreover it is impractical for fighting a battle, while few others claim that it highlights the strong appearance of women.

But actresses like Hari James and Brook Ence, who are playing the role of Amazon warriors, are undeterred by this debate. In fact, Hari James posted along with Brook Ence on her Instagram profile that she was happy with the costume she wore for her character in Justice League.

Brooklyn Ence told USA Today that she didn't feel that costume are more glamorous and revealing and she went on to recollect that "the girls on set, we never thought of the new costumes as a sexy version. It felt a little more glamorous, if anything, because we had bigger, beautiful hair, which I loved." Amidst all the unending debate over the Amazon costumes, fans of Justice League are eagerly waiting for its release on November 17, 2017.