Justice League review: A big movie which lost target very badly

Even though big and extravagant, Warner Bros. 'Justice League' offers an exhausting experience to the viewers

Justice League
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"A messy movie loaded with some iconic superheroes totally unaware of what to do," - this is how we can define 'Justice League' in a single sentence. With a totally cliched storyline and predictable events throughout, the film emerged as a total mess which failed to engage the audiences even for a minute. Before the release of the movie, fans of DC Comics have boasted that this movie is their reply to Marvel's 'Avengers'. But unfortunately, this mega-budget flick failed to hit the bull's eye, thus allowing 'Wonder Woman' to continue its status as the only blockbuster film in the DC Cinematic Universe.

'Justice League' is directed by Zack Snyder, and it features, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Henry Cavill, Ray Fisher, Amy Adams and Ezra Miller in the lead roles. The film is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

A predictable plot

Just like any other superhero movies, this movie too showcases a predictable storyline where the protagonists take on deadly villains with their extraordinary powers. When it comes to 'Justice League', we have a team of superheroes comprising Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg who is fighting hard to save the planet from the vicious clutches of the evil Steppenwolf and his army of Parademons.

Even though the movie begins with a big bang, director Zack Snyder failed to maintain the momentum, and later the film turns out to be an outdated superhero flick where audiences are capable of predicting the upcoming scenes.

Saving graces of 'Justice League'

The only factor which may impress the audiences in this movie is nothing but the presence of Gal Gadot as the charming Wonder Woman. Princess Diana of Themyscira, who wooed the audiences early this year, repeats the same magic in this film too, and it is undoubtedly a pleasure to watch this ravishing lady taking on the baddies in style. In the absence of Superman, it is the Wonder Woman who leads the battle against the evil forces in this flick. The unexpected entry of Superman in a crucial portion of the movie is another instance which the audiences can cherish.

Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg who had a very limited screen presence in Batman VS Superman are back with full glory in this movie, and the actors who played these characters on screen have done full justice to their roles.

Final Verdict

The major flaw of the movie lies in its screenplay. The dialogues which are being uttered by the characters seem outdated, and we have heard it an umpteen numbers of times in previous superhero films. For a conclusion, we can say that 'Justice League' is a tailormade film to appease hardcore DC Comics fans. However, if you are one of those who wishes to enjoy something new, this movie is not for you bro.