Justice League composer Danny Elfman doesn't think Snyder Cut exists

Danny Elfman, who replaced the original composer for Justice League has finally come forward to address the 'Snyder cut' movement.

Since its release in late 2017, DC fans have rallied to gain the support for the release of Justice League Snyder cut. Quite a few of the project's crew members, actors and many more have come forward to acknowledge the existence of the director's cut but the film's composer, Danny Elfman, has a different story to share.

The Justice League Snyder cut has been all over the internet lately with the hashtag #ReleasetheSnyder cut trending on a daily basis. Director Zack Snyder has also helped in fueling the movement by sharing never before seen production images of Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Darkseid and more.

Original composer Junkie XL claims he has a score ready for Snyder cut

Justice League
Facebook: Justice League

The Snyder cut campaign gained more traction when the film's first composer, Junkie XL revealed that he also has his own version of score which is complete. But in a recent interview with JOE, composer Elfman claims the original director didn't finish the project (or his cut) due to a tragic event.

"Well, the thing is, he never finished it. So, I don't know quite how they'd do that. He had a tremendous tragedy, which forced him to not finish the film," said Elfman. "It became a great source of confusion and later contention among people that wanted to see what Zack Snyder intended to play out on screen. Whether it was the less than stellar performance or general curiosity, things began to balloon in ways no one could have dreamed of."

Elfman went on to clarify that he does understand what the Snyder cut is. But explained that the scenario didn't occur because the original director was forced to exit and the studio decided to bring Joss Whedon.

A unique situation

Justice League Snyder cut
Justice League/ Warner Bros. Facebook

The composer added that this "is kind of a unique situation" since it didn't involve the firing of a director and Warner Bros. decided to change the entire narrative "because they didn't like it". Elfman understands that such a situation would apparently have the fandom saying, "'I wonder what the director did, before the studio changed the movie.' But I'm not really aware of how that dynamic would really apply here."

It must be noted that several reports have claimed that a Snyder cut does exist but it still requires a lot of post-production duties to be carried out. Several scenes left in the editing bay with incomplete VFX. From the looks of it, Elfman sort of acknowledges this but stands up that it is incomplete since Snyder hasn't had a chance to oversee his filmed content to put together a releasable cut.

Surprisingly, some dispute this as well as rumors suggest a version of the director's cut which can be consumed for fan viewing is available and could make its way to HBO Max. The studio is yet to confirm or deny anything related to the Snyder cut.