Justice Clarence Thomas Is NOT Suffering From Covid-19; Conservative Judge Being Treated at Sibley Hospital

Justice Clarence Thomas, the longest serving member of the US Supreme Court, has been admitted in Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, after developing flu-like symptoms on Friday.

After reports emerged that Justice Thomas, 73, was hospitalized and undergoing treatment for flu-like symptoms, the social media was loaded with comments from his critics and supporters.

The conservative justice was nominated by the former US President George H.W. Bush and commenced his term on October 23, 1991, which makes him the senior most in the court.

Justice Thomas Is Not Suffering From Covid-19

Patricia McCabe, a spokeswoman for the Supreme Court, said that Justice Thomas's illness was not Covid-19 or anything related to the coronavirus.

The authorities at Sibley Memorial Hospital confirmed that Justice Thomas was being treated with intravenous antibiotics adding that his symptoms are waning and that he would soon be released from the hospital.

A large number of supporters of Justice Thomas are praying for his speedy recovery stating that the country needs him. On the other hand, the critics who think that he has his biases have wished for his well-being but want his tenure to come to an end.

A Twitter user expressed, "Clarence Thomas has taken—ill When it comes to health ....I wish him well He should never-ever-return to work Married to a -coup planning—insurrectionist-jerk"

Another user wrote, "@EllenHopkinsLityou said what some Democrats are thinking but don't dare say out loud. I want a Supreme Court that will overturn Citizens United. I don't want Conservative Justices to get really sick though. Don't wish serious illness on Clarence Thomas. Karma will get you."

"So I just read about Clarence Thomas being in the hospital with some type of infection Though people do get random problems for no actual reason I firmly believe in Karma Aside from Anita Hill which was disgusting Lately he's brazenly sat there while his wife is a traitor," shared a user on Twitter.