Juniel gushes about Girls' Generation's Taeyeon

Juniel has expressed her love for Girls' Generation's Taeyeon.

South Korean singer-songwriter Juniel is a huge fan of Girls' Generation's Taeyeon. The 22-year-old gushed about the 27-year-old girl group member.

Juniel was quoted as saying according to celebrity gossip website Soompi: "She's so pretty. I like pretty people. I only follow two people on my SNS: Taeyeon and Krystal [from f(x)]. When I first met Krystal, I froze in place because she was so pretty. It was back when f(x) was promoting 'Electric Shock.'"

She added: "I didn't even know I had fallen for Taeyeon, though. It was just natural. Her singing is great, no explanation necessary. I once went to a showcase of hers when she was just a trainee. She sang the song 'Moonlight' back then and I thought, 'Wow, she's so good at singing.' That's how I became her fan when she debuted as a member of Girls' Generation."

However, Taeyeon is unaware of Juniel's adoration for her. She said: "I haven't told [Taeyeon] yet. Honestly, I feel shy. I'm close with Sunny, and even met her a few days ago, but I feel shy even telling Sunny how I am a big fan of Taeyeon."