Jung Yonghwa of CNBLUE threatens legal action over comments linking him to insider trading

Korean rock band CNBLUE member Jung Yonghwa was acquitted of insider trading charges in July.

Jung Yonghwa
Jung Yonghwa is the member of Korean boy band, CNBLUE

Jung Yonghwa's agency has threatened legal action against rumour mongers after the online world was flooded with comments about the actor's alleged involvement in insider trading.

On Monday, the celebrity company released a statement warning repercussions for those spreading "malicious and defaming information" against the singer.

FNC Entertainment officially announced that they have collected all the related information about the comments and will take stringent action against the same. "We plan to take legal action against those creating and spreading false information and malicious rumors, as well as engaging in other activities which defame the character of our artist, Jung Yonghwa," the agency said.

Apparently, the defaming lines came pouring in due to Yonghwa's involvement in Internal trading. However, the CNBLUE member was set free of all the charges in June 2016.

The actor had been accused of involving in illegal stock trading after obtaining insider information. The Singer was later aacquitted of charges after the prosecutors failed to prove the charges.

FNC further added: "Malicious netizens have been making posts and leaving comments on SNS, portal sites, online communities, and more, targeting Yonghwa. We have already gathered a significant amount of malicious posts and comments, and also plan to take strict legal action when more are found from now on. "

"Internet harassment is an issue that needs to be solved not only in the entertainment industry but in society as a whole. We will continue our efforts to maintain healthy internet culture. Please give us your attention and consideration," the agency said.