Jung Woo Sung
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Actor Jung Woo Sung has been chosen as the most coveted bachelor in Korea for his impeccable manners and good looks.

According to Koreaboo, on a recent broadcast, a discussion was done about the most coveted bachelor in the Korean entertainment industry. During the discussion other popular actors like Ha Jung Woo, So Ji Sub, and Gong Yoo were also in the list of the most popular bachelors but at last it was claimed that they were still no match for Jung Woo Sung.

One of the reasons of Jung Woo Sung being the "icon of consideration" is because he doesn't really hide his personal life. Moreover, he is also a person who cares a lot about others. In fact, when he broke up with his girlfriend of 10 years, he was very much concerned her and the attention she would get as she was not a celebrity.

He has been seen caring about others image again when his then girlfriend Lee Ji Ah and Seo Taiji's secret marriage was revealed.

Though, the relationship he shared with her was affected, he made sure that Lee Ji Ah is not hurt too much by the attention.

Gong Yoo is also very much loved by everyone for his acting, nature and undoubtedly his good looks but Jung Woo Sung surpassed the Goblin actor because of various reasons.

Apart from good looks, it is his manners and caring nature which made him earn the title of the most coveted bachelor around.