Actress Jung Ga Eun, who posted her breastfeeding selfie on social media, has responded to her demeanors. The mother of one got back to her haters with an amusing post and a cool mind for criticizing a soulful bond.

Earlier on Wedneday, the actress posted her duck face picture on instagram with her baby being breastfed. Within hours Ga Eun's post went viral, and many netizens expressed their discomfort on the overly exposed photograph.

However, the actress turned entrepreneur, updated her Instagram on 12 August, with a lukewarm response and thanked her well wishers for taking the picture in good spirit.

"I can't reply to every single comment..but yeah, I might be attention seeking ^^ Because after having a baby, I was dying to show her off. In a way, maybe I should've controlled [myself] a bit... but oh well I can't live up to everyone's tastes.. I will live by thanking those who cheer me on and regard me with warmth ^^ Thanks to everyone who saw me with kind eyes ♡♡♡", she said. However, many netizens further criticized Ga Eun's response and tagged her as attention seeker.