Jun Ji Hyun dishes about playing mermaid in The Legend Of The Blue Sea

Jun Ji Hyun will reprise the role of a mermaid in the show.

Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun
Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun will be seen together in Legend of the Blue Sea Facebook/Jun-Ji-Hyun

South Korean actress Jun Ji Hyun has opened up about her character in the upcoming drama series, The Legend of the Blue Sea. The 34-year-old actress will reprise the role of a mermaid in the show.

During a press conference, Ji Hyun discussed how the current role is different from previous character on My Love From the Star. She said: "Because mermaids are not a common topic in Korean films and dramas, my character feels more refreshing. It's exciting to think that I can show more things."

In the drama, she will be seen opposite Lee Min Ho. She added: "She's different from Cheon Song Yi. I know that a lot of people are expecting a character that is beyond Cheon Song Yi. Everything is new to the mermaid. There are situations that happen when the mermaid encounters new things, and viewers will be able to feel a different kind of enjoyment and see a different role when they see how the mermaid accepts these things. There are also a lot of scenes that take place underwater."

SBS had released the first teaser of The Legend of the Blue Sea, giving an insight into Min Ho and Ji Hyun's relationship. Ji Hyun's voice can be heard as saying: "I'm still going to keep my promise. Even if a storm comes, or there's no one there so it feels lonely, or I feel afraid because its a path I've never walked on, I'm going to persevere and go to you."

It was revealed that Park Ji Eun wrote the mermaid story keeping Min Ho and Ji Hyun in mind. The production company, Culture Depot, stated: "From the beginning stages, writer Park Ji Eun created characters matching Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho, thinking of them as the best couple. The lead actors also decided to work on the drama because they believe in the writer and the director. You can look forward to their chemistry, which will be beyond one's imagination."

The Legend of the Blue Sea is expected to air on SBS on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 22:00 (KST) in November 2016.