Jumbo Stock announces staggering benefits for those who join their exclusive customer club

Jumbo Stock

One of the best things about entrepreneur Roy Vanono, founder and CEO of the Jumbo Stock chain of stores in Israel, is that he never misses the opportunity to connect with his customers on a business level, and always makes their satisfaction his top priority. "While businesses worldwide are suffering from a variety of problems due to the pandemic, the Jumbo Stock chain is doing incredibly well and making quite a killing at the global market," said Vanono. Thanks to Roy Vanono's vision, Jumbo Stock is now also rolling out amazing benefits for those customers who wish to join Jumbo Stock's Exclusive Customer Club Membership.

Vanono launched the online section of Jumbo Stock's stores in 2019 and has not looked back since. Unlike other chain stores, here, with Jumbo Stock online, the customer is guaranteed that they never have to leave the comfort of their homes to shop. This also happens to be the perfect set up for people who are stuck at home during the ongoing global pandemic. So, in addition to a chain of stores, customers who don't like going out of their house can also shop at home. "The cost of shipping in Israel for Jumbo Stock products is about NIS 29," said Vanono.

Shopping for products on other sites is risky because the product can take upwards of a month to arrive and if the product is unsatisfactory, replacement or refund could take up a lot of the customer's time. "On the other hand, with Jumbo Stock, our customers get the benefit of product delivery within one or two days at most," said Vanono. There is also no difference in the prices offered in the store and on the internet; products cost the same.

Now, Jumbo Stock is bringing to its customers the benefits of joining the store's Exclusive Customer Club Membership. As part of an initiative to get to know their customers better and to serve them better, Vanono cooked up the idea of an Exclusive Customer Club Membership that offers many benefits to the customers. Now, members will receive discounts, gifts, holiday benefits, vouchers, early previews, and a whole lot of new benefits to enjoy!