Julio Lama, A Dominican Businessman And Mentor

Julio Lama

It is said that the pinnacle of success is achieved when a person attains success on personal, societal and emotional frontiers of his life.

Not many can revel in the achievement of such success except for a fortunate few.

One of those few is Julio Lama, a native of the Dominican Republic, a philanthropist, a fulfilled family man, and one of the most successful network marketer of Latin America, being one of the top 30 networkers in whole of the world.

A Dominican by heart and soul, Julio saw the down comings of a startup, the failures of businesses, the disappointments of personal life and he soared through them. It is infect, his rich experience at life that makes him so successful at his present age.

It was by winning through his losses and learning through his mistakes in the initial years of his business life that he has managed to build such a vast empire for himself.

Currently, Julio holds the title of being the sole male executive ambassador of total life changes, a global company, operating in 30+ countries and employing more than 200k people.

As a network marketer, he has played a massive role in generating employment and fulfilling the lives of many people who interacted with total life changes.

Additionally, he is also the founder of the educational system, movimiento global 1NETE.

An education model that is one of the most complete and comprehensive model to train young business enthusiasts in modern business models.

It is by sheer hard work and tactful utilization of his business experience that he managed to achieve this feat.

Being a network marketer, he is also a highly regarded mentor in the MLM market where he trains young entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts in modern business models. It is, in his opinion, his way of giving back to the corporate world what he achieved through it.

As a firm believer of god, and his divinity, he believes that kindness is what pleases god.

Thus, by doing small deeds of kindness can you please the mighty lord and have salvation.

Recently, he also organized a holiday's event for more than 300 kids as his tribute to god and his children.

This he believed to be golden opportunity for him to serve our lord.

Being a family man, and the father of 3 beautiful princesses who he cherishes, he always takes enough time for his family and his social life.

At the end of the day, he is proud of what he is and what he has made and so he isn't the kind of man to shy away from social media.

Infect his presence at social media is grandeous and features his active business life and his exquisite luxurious lifestyle