Julian Assange secretly fathered 2 children with his lawyer while in Ecuadorean Embassy in London

  • The second child was born while Julian Assange was sentenced to prison and the birthing was shot on GoPro and sent to him

  • The two plan on getting married in the prison if Assange doesn't get released soon

The Wikileaks founder's lawyer who helped him during the US extradition has revealed that he has had two children with her while he was in the Ecuador Embassy in London. The new revelation from his partner came with the request about his bail amid the coronavirus concerns.

Stella Morris, 37, the lawyer who was helping Julian Assange fight the extradition had a secret romance with him while he was in the embassy. The lawyer told the media that she fears for Assange's life while he is in a high-security prison in London. They reportedly began the relationship in 2015 and has been engaged since 2017.

Assange fathered two children, Gabriel who was born in 2017 and Max who was born in 2019. Both of his children are said to have visited him in the prison. Morris said that the two plan to get married in the prison if he does not get released soon.

Julian Assange

Exclusively talked to the media

Morris talked to DailyMail and revealed several details about the relationship. According to her interview, she said that she has lived a quiet life with her children and has been waiting for them to become a family. The interview also revealed that Tracy Ward and the rapper MIA were the children's grandmothers. Assange was in the Ecuador Embassy for seven years while evading extradition while violating the charges of Espionage Act.

Morris and Assange met when he was in Sweden. They were introduced by Assange's lawyer when the Wikileaks founder was fighting sexual assault charges. The charges have since dropped and Assange maintains his innocence. Morris has also helped Assange seek asylum in South America where she has filed the documents on his behalf under the name Sara Gonzalez Devant.

Morris has told the Mail that she doesn't regret anything but she wants the children to have their father back. The couple was able to keep their relationship discreet and the children a secret from the Ecuadorean diplomats and staff. Assange has an older child from a previous relationship. Morris has expressed her fears that she will lose her husband to the coronavirus.