Judy starring Renée Zellweger to be available on Amazon Prime Video in December

Renée Zellweger got appreciated a lot for her performance in her last outing Judy as she impressed everyone with the way she played the biographical character

Judy. Twitter/Judy

American actress Renée Zellweger got appreciated a lot for her performance in her last outing Judy. The 50-year-old actress impressed everyone with the way she portrayed the character of Judy Garland in the biographical drama.

Now, the movie buffs who have been waiting to watch the film for quite sometime on online streaming platform Amazon Prime will be disappointed to know that they might not be able to watch it for free on the streaming platform.

Distributor of the film, LD Entertainment most probably will launch the film on the online platform of Hulu as they have done earlier with their previous films like Ben in Back, Teen Spirit and Dog Days.

However, the biographical drama will come on the Amazon Prime platform in mid-December 2019 and the subscribers have to rent or purchase to watch it.

Judy is a biopic based on the Tony and Oliver-nominated Broadway play written by Peter Quilter, also known as End of the Rainbow based on singer Judy Garland. The narrative of the story is based in London and deals with a series of concert performances of the singer in 1969 which were all sold-out.

Renee Zellweger played the protagonist and she delivers one of the best performances of her career portraying the character of Judy Garland. The 50-year-old actress has raised expectations and she may get nominated for Best Actress in the upcoming Academy Awards, according to many people.

The film also stars Finn Wittrock as Mickey Deans, Rufus Sewell as Sidney Luft, Richard Cordery as Loui B. Mayer, Balle Ramsey as Lorna Luft, Royce Pierreson as Burt and others.

Judy went on to collect $2.9 million in its opening weekend, from 461 theatres, finishing seventh at the box office. Interestingly, 60 per cent of the audience was female and 79 per cent of them aged above 35. The film gradually got more screen space and expanded to 1,458 screens.

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