The Journey of YouTube Content Creator Daelan Mangapit, A Success Story!

Daelan Mangapit

Nothing worth having ever comes easy. Achieving something great in life takes time and requires one to be patient and relentless in their journey to success. Influencer and YouTube content creator Daelan Mangapit is a testament to that. His success on YouTube took time and took years of content creation. His story serves as an inspiration to others and is worth following.

Daelan Mangapit created his YouTube channel in 2010 with the dream of one day becoming a prominent figure in the gaming community. He began uploading play-throughs of various games, including Tekken, Assassin's Creed, and Lost Planet. However, it was a rough start for him as he could only manage 1 subscriber and about 100 views for every video he uploaded. This would unfortunately be the case for many years. But despite the lack of success early on, Daelan never gave up on his dream and kept creating content.

In 2014, Daelan started to see some signs of success as he gained over 5,000 subscribers and began to average 500 views a video. He would also obtain a YouTube partnership with the renowned Disney Digital Network, known as Maker Studios at the time.

Daelan's newfound audience and network resulted in his YouTube channel experiencing steady growth. To his misfortune, however, this growth was short-lived. In early 2016, Daelan's subscriber and view count began to stagnate, and he was let go from the Disney Digital Network. During this period, Daelan began to second-guess his decision to pursue YouTube and started to doubt if he could succeed. Nevertheless, he dismissed these thoughts and, despite his circumstances, never let them discourage him. He remained determined to achieve his goal.

Daelan Mangapit's YouTube channel began to gain significant traction in 2017 when he started playing the Korean MMORPG Black Desert Online. At that time, the game was exploding in popularity, coinciding with Daelan's channel gaining over 30,000 subscribers. In 2019, he would then transition to uploading Apex Legends and Call of Duty content where he would achieve similar success. By 2022, his channel would have over 100,000 subscribers. Today, Daelan is one of the most distinguished figures in the YouTube gaming scene.

Daelan's unwavering perseverance contributed significantly to his success. As a young YouTuber, he could have easily been discouraged by his lack of views and growth. However, he persisted, and after many long years, the significant time and effort he put into his YouTube channel paid off. These days, Daelan averages 40,000 views a video, a significant difference from what he averaged a decade ago.

Daelan's story is truly a testament to how success never comes easy. He struggled for years to gain an audience and had to fight through never-ending thoughts of self-doubt. But it was through experiencing and overcoming this adversity that he arrived at the position of success he is today.

If there is anything to take away from Daelan's story, it is that it pays to persevere and be patient. If you also remain passionate and determined, success will eventually come your way.