The Journey of Phuldeep Toor - A Man Creating Stable Jobs to Keep Things Clean

Phuldeep Toor

Phuldeep Toor was born and raised in India. Since his early childhood, he was taught that hard work, education, and sacrifice, were key values he needed to develop in order to excel in life. He was fortunate enough to receive a high-quality education, and he worked hard to open as many doors for his future as possible.

In 2009, his life took on a major change of direction. Phuldeep made the hard choice to relocate, along with his young family, to Canada. He had hoped for a better life and believed it was time for a new personal and professional journey to begin. He wasn't yet aware of the positive impact and contributions he would end up developing along the way.

The Winding Road

Phuldeep realized that he enjoyed and excelled at managing employees. He loved human interactions and helping people, and companies, to reach their full potential, rather than dealing with the coding that he studied in college. His first position was as a supervisor with the company Commercial Janitorial Services Ltd. In addition to daily supervision duties, Phuldeep was responsible for bringing in new clientele and handling all accounting - from payroll to invoicing. He was a hard worker and learned a lot over the seven years that he worked for the company.

In 2012, he took on a secondary job with CORIX Utilities working as a field technician. The two-year project was run by ATCO Gas and the City of Leduc. Phuldeep was excited to learn an entirely new set of skills and enjoyed the independence of the position. While he enjoyed the technicality of the position, he soon realized that he wanted to focus on honing his customer service skills.

His next step was another pivot on his career path, as he took on a position at the Royal Bank of Canada as a client advisor. He worked with clients directly, and he loved the element of developing and nurturing a relationship and seeing his efforts helping people. He also had the opportunity to work with business accounts and gained a great deal of experience with the behind-the-scenes elements of business management.

From Canada to the US

Phuldeep now had all the necessary tools and confidence to take a huge risk and open his own business that would have all the values he believes in, such as outstanding customer service, hard work, dependability, and honesty. He knew that his company would provide services, not products and he looked forward to managing employees. He found the perfect opportunity in Northern California. It was a bold move, but he decided to relocate his family to the U.S. in 2017, becoming director and 50% owner of North Coast Cleaning Services (NCCS).

Interestingly, the business utilizes all of the various skills that Phuldeep had acquired through his diverse roles - a strong understanding of janitorial services, technical knowledge of business operations, and interpersonal skills for management and customer relations. It is truly a perfect match. The Janitorial Services field is extremely competitive. Finding clients, and then keeping them, is extremely challenging. However, with Phuldeep's unique vision, business skills, and commitment to consistency and quality, the company has grown to be a million-dollar company that is trusted by some of the biggest companies in the U.S, including governmental agencies.

Secure Work for Those Who Need It Most

Thanks to Toor's hard work and dedication, as well as the support of his loving family, North Coast Cleaning Services has been thriving. The company is now the go-to premier cleaning service in the entire Northwest Coast region. They provide complete janitorial and maintenance services, taking care of not only the day-to-day cleaning but also the ongoing long-term care of any space. In Phuldeep's own words: "I always placed myself in customers' shoes and feel that is what is required from a business. Consistency of quality and good customer service are the main keys for our business." On top of this, by using green-certified cleaning products, they have also branded themselves as a unique eco-friendly cleaning business.

NCCS has a strong commitment to client privacy and business security. For that reason, the company carries a $2M general liability policy, a $1M employee workers compensation policy, and an employee fidelity bond.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Phuldeep recognizes that now, more than ever, people need not just clean, but sanitized workspaces and people also need jobs. He is perfectly positioned to provide both of these essential elements. Today, the company employs more than 45 professionals and NCCS promises to elevate the health and cleanliness of any space. The company not only offers a happy-customer policy but also a happy-employee policy, putting the staff as the main priority and paying above minimum wage. This is why most of the staff have been on board working for Phuldeep for the entire five years he has managed the business in the United States. As they continue to expand, more employment opportunities will be available as Phuldeep wants to bring work to those who need it the most. In his own words: "As an entrepreneur, you face challenges every day, whether it's finding good employees or retaining clients, but the efforts and true dedication will lead to solve all the issues that arise on a daily basis"

Furthermore, he aims to uplift and support those in need within his community. NCCS is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, helping to improve the local business scene. They are also recognized by many local associations, like the North Coast Regional Land Trust. In his spare time, Phuldeep also volunteers as a Member of the Chamber in his town.

There is no doubt that Phuldeep will keep on excelling as he expands his, already successful, business model, across the entire U.S., providing much-needed employment opportunities for those in need.