The Journey of one of Melbourne's Leading Lawyers: Rex Afrasiabi

Rex Afrasiabi

There are people who have lived a life well-lived, full of vast experiences and teeming with a wellspring of stories even as their lives continue to march along the rhythm of time.

Rex Afrasiabi is one such individual, living a life full of in-depth experiences and dipping his toes into various career paths, finding his own rhythm, and dancing along to his own beat.

Born in Iran during the war with Iraq, Rex Afrasiabi eventually left the work torn country to migrate to Australia at the age of 7. He couldn't speak a single word of English at that time, but that did not stop him from getting along with his peers. When he turned 12 years old, his parents sadly separated. He then lived with his father, who spent most of his time in America, leaving Rex to practically raise himself.

He had always been an independent individual, and he carried that elegant independence all throughout his adult years. He went straight into university once he graduated high school and took a double degree of a Bachelor of Commerce where he majored in Accounting, as well as a Bachelor of Law. Through his education, he pursued a career in law.

His law career began when he worked for various larger firms in commercial law and litigation. He then joined a boutique practice that represented a few people from the BRW Top 100 Entrepreneurs. Through this stint, he got massive exposure to the budding entrepreneurs and learned a lot about how they operate.

Coincidentally, the boutique law firm was in the same building as an international fashion company. "Being single at the time, the clientele of the fashion company was a lot more appealing. Friday night drinks turned into a job offer, and I joined the fashion company as their general manager, which was great exposure from within a company," explained Rex.

He enjoyed several perks while working for a fashion company. He got to travel to international fashion events, trade fairs, and such, but Rex Afrasiabi just didn't find all of that fulfilling. It didn't satisfy his personal mission in life, which was to help people. After this realization, Rex went on and established his own law firm.

Nowadays, his firm has grown from strength to strength, and he continues to help his clients with all aspects of their lives. Through the experiences in the law, Rex has also ventured for himself into several other businesses and property developments. Despite this, Rex still maintains his passion is legal practice and helping people.

In the same vein, he performs lectures to other lawyers in order to help them with their continued professional development, and Rex also co-hosts a business advisory show that offers the advice to real estate professionals. With his goal of wanting to help other people, Rex also co-found a charity and is a member of other board appointments, as well as a professional judge for young achievers Australia and the real estate professions national awards.

Rex Afrasiabi has dipped his toes in various industries and found success within them. For a change of pace, he also challenges himself by participating in professional boxing matches. Currently, the thriving renaissance man is keeping himself busy with his thriving legal practice, whilst also working on his next project which is a mortgage fund. He is also about to start filming the next season of his business advisory show, so fans of his should watch out for that as well.