The Journey from Being a Brilliant Student to Setting up the Autoimmune Revolution - The Heartening Story of Justin Janoska

Justin Janoska

The path to success isn't always smooth. It is mired with difficulties and failures. Even the most successful entrepreneurs go through their share of challenges. And it can be so helpful to remind yourself you're not crazy for feeling overwhelmed. Justin Janoska is one such clinician cum entrepreneur whose life story of graduating summa cum laude to transform hundreds of women's lives through his venture "The Autoimmune Revolution" is bound to inspire you.

Brought up in a town just outside Princeton, New Jersey, Justin went to undergraduate school at Rutgers University, where he studied visual arts. While he dreamed of becoming an artist and working in the film industry as a set designer, Justin struggled to find a job and make a career out of it. For five years, he had no option but to freelance to build up his experience.

Justin's long struggle with unemployment made him pursue post-graduate studies in mind-body medicine and trauma. And he has been unstoppable since. Having worked with ace celebrities such as Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Janoska passionately works with women who have Hashimoto's, psoriasis, Lupus, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and Multiple Sclerosis, PCOS, infertility, anxiety, eating disorders, and trauma. His main area of expertise is Hashimoto's, PCOS, and trauma. Justin aims to help women regain control of their bodies, discover a sense of wholeness, have a better quality of life, and feel alive.

"The Autoimmune Revolution" is where his team and he are committed to helping revolutionize the way of addressing and healing from autoimmune disease and trauma. His personal experience of watching his mother suffer from Hashimoto's was what deeply affected and inspired him to find a better solution than conventional medicine was unable to provide.

The dynamic clinician, besides being a nutritionist and entrepreneur, is a published author of the book "The Flexible Dieting Disaster: Why Counting Macros Is Destroying Your Relationship With Food And Yourself: A Simple Guide On What To Do Instead" and "A Beginner's Guide To Overcoming Poor Body Image, Anxiety, And Low Self Worth: Learn The 5-Step Process Towards Rebuilding Confidence And Unlocking The Door To Mental Freedom."

Looking at Justin's financial and emotional struggle journey, we must say it was a hard way to live. Nonetheless, Justin Janoska is a true personification of starting from scratch, building an empire, and leaving a legacy.