Joseph Killins: Florida Man Kidnaps DoorDash Driver, Rapes Her and Opens Fire on Family When They Came to Rescue Her

One of the shots fired by Killins hit a family member of the victim's girlfriend, a woman in her 20s.

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A man was arrested in Tampa, Florida on Friday for allegedly kidnapping and raping a DoorDash driver and then opening fire on her family when they came to rescue her, officials said. Joseph Killins, 38, was arrested on Saturday in connection to the horrifying incident in Tampa on April 18 involving the female delivery worker, authorities said.

According to a news release from Tampa police on Saturday, Killins has been charged with armed kidnapping, robbery with a firearm, armed sexual battery, and aggravated battery with a weapon. Police also said that one of the family members was also hit by a gunshot after Killins opened fire at them.

Kidnap, Rape and Armed Attack

Joseph Killins
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The female victim, who is in her early 20s, had exited her car to make a delivery when the attack happened about 11 pm on Tuesday at a Residence Inn hotel, according to police, CBS News reported.

Police said that Killins approached the woman driver with a gun, forced her back into the car and then told her at gunpoint to drive to an apartment in the Belara Lakes Apartment complex where he allegedly raped her.

Interestingly, the woman was wearing her AirPods and talking on the phone with her girlfriend at the time of being kidnapped and assaulted, according to the police. The victim's family notified the police, who then used the victim's phone to locate her.

The victim's family checked her cellphone location and tracked where she was while she was in the apartment and hurried to assist. It's unclear how the kin knew she was in trouble.

"The victim's family, who had been tracking her phone, arrived and rescued her from the car. Killins responded by firing multiple times," police said.

One of the shots fired by Killins hit a family member of the victim's girlfriend, a woman in her 20s. After firing multiple rounds, Killins fled the scene.

Double Crime Leads to Arrest

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According to authorities, both victims were taken to a hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

Additionally, police have provided details of a second crime Killins is accused of committing on Wednesday, the morning following the assault on the DoorDash driver.

Police said that Killins punched a woman in her early 40s in the face at the same apartment building before snatching her backpack.

He was eventually located at the Tampa Inn by detectives pursuing both cases and was taken into custody on Friday night.

"We are appalled by this heinous and abhorrent crime. No one should ever have to endure something as horrific as this and we're here to support the Dasher in any way we can, said DoorDash spokesperson Julian Crowley.

"We're grateful to Tampa Police for their work to hold the perpetrator accountable and we strongly hope justice is served."