Joseph Ayoub Explains Why It is Essential to Streamline Deliveries

Joseph Ayoub

Suppose you are on the checkout page of an online gift store. As soon as you hit the payment button, it says there's an error loading the page. You press the refresh button and the page won't refresh. That means you just wasted a chunk of your time in shortlisting the products from the site and adding them to your cart. It makes the overall experience unpleasant. In fact, you won't recommend the site to others.

Imagine if the same thing happens on your company's website. Others would also feel like doing the same thing. They won't recommend your site to anyone. This would harm your business significantly. Joseph Ayoub, the founder of Dose of Roses, believes that the order and delivery process can make or break your company.

Delivery system in Dose of Roses

Dose of Roses provides customized roses where you can personalize the box material, imprint a message on the box, choose rose colors, and even select the arrangement style of the roses. And when you order luxurious gifts like these, you would want to make sure that it gets delivered in the grandest manner. That's where Joseph Ayoub made sure the customers don't complain. No matter what the occasion is, Dose of Roses never fails to deliver your gift to the right address at the right time.

Suppose you can't make it home from work on your anniversary. You know your partner would get upset. One way to cheer her up is surprising her with a bouquet of timeless roses at 12 at night. You can schedule your delivery according to the time you want. With a Dose of Roses delivering personalized gifts to more than 50 countries, you can imagine the kind of planning that goes on after every order. And Joseph is the mastermind behind all this, streamlining the delivery process meticulously to ensure that every order reaches his customers within the promised time.

Fast-track delivery

Dose of Roses delivers roses throughout the US and in over 50 countries. They have two distribution centers in LA where customers can pick up their orders. All it takes is to choose your favorite roses, choose the arrangement from the catalog, select the box you like, and mention any message that you want to print on the box. What is the advantage? You don't have to wait for a few days for your delivery to arrive. Just pick up the customized gift and hand it over to your lover, parent, or your friend. This is the best option if you want to buy a gift at the last minute or if you don't have time to wait for the delivery.

Joseph also came up with a same-day delivery policy in the US. If you choose to hand-deliver your gift, then the company will arrange for the delivery on the same day. Shipping to other countries may take time. But that won't deter the quality or fragrance of the roses. The timeless roses can retain their color, beauty, and smell for almost five years.

With such a streamlined delivery service, it's easy to see why Dose of Roses is a huge success under Joseph. New entrepreneurs should learn how Joseph managed the delivery system of the world's fastest-growing brand to ensure their companies' success.