Jordy Lokhorst: From Humble Beginnings To Becoming A Household Name In The Crypto World

Jordy Lokhorst

Web3 is bringing about decentralization of power. The advent of cryptocurrency and its hold over the market has further enforced this idea. The blockchain-based technology has the power to make anyone with the right foresight wildly successful. And no one knows this better than Jordy Lokhorst.

Jordy's journey has been one with many twists and turns. Born in the Netherlands, Jordy had a humble upbringing. But he had a strong vision for his future. He taught himself graphic design and other creative skills and created a career for himself based on the same. At a young age, he became a sought after designer, creating artworks for musicians and their albums. His fresh art boosted the work of his clients. Thereafter he went on to dabble in social media marketing, excelling in the field as well. He helped develop multiple Instagram accounts with more than 1M organic followers, with his strong research and applications. His 8 years of experience and counting have made him one of the best in the field.

But Jordy did not stop at this juncture. He is the founder of Best Cover Artists, a page with more than 13500 followers and growing. With an entrepreneurial spirit, he created an online marketplace for designers, which has since caught on. This marketplace is a fantastic space for designers to sell their digital assets to buyers.

After the success of his ventures, Jordy decided to dabble in the field of crypto and NFTs as well. Jordy did not just jump on the bandwagon because everyone else was doing it, but because he had a genuine conviction in the idea. He did his research with due diligence before getting into the field and continues to do so. Since joining the industry, he has been an active member of many NFT and crypto communities. He is also the founder of Shenzo, a very exciting project. Shenzo is a community-driven and utility-based art NFT Project. Inspired by the Japanese Anime, it focuses on both digital and physical events that create memorable moments for our community. Shenzo is being well received by everyone in the industry.

Jordy's work carries weight because of his experience and credibility. His knowledge, coupled with experience and success has made him an authority on the topic. Is it any wonder then that Jordy Lokhorst is a household name when it comes to the crypto world?