Jordan Power Introducing His another Unapologetic Read To Empower LGBTQ

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Jordan Power

The modern woke topic about gender equality has still left some spots while making it stubbornly difficult for some areas to entirely embrace the celebration of "equality." As some sections of the society have been climbing the ladders to be a well-elucidated audience, it's still shunned by a few to the bridge the gap in their perception about sex-positivity. While two gay men have hopped on for a journey to break the stereotypes, their shameless, unapologetic and interestingly raunchy highlights of their reads and podcasts have easily found keys to enter millions of hearts in no time!

While talking about one of his podcasts, Jordan said "This podcast is an antidote to the thousands of messages gay people have received their entire lives that they are unlovable or deficient. We are so proud of what we have accomplished with 'Shame on you' so far and we are excited to keep going and take it to the next level. Along the way, we hope to continue to inspire others to unapologetically be themselves with zero shame."

The two 32-year-olds, Brad Price and Jordan Power share a goofy bond from Canada and wish to uplift and empower of freely being gay after a series of brutal incidents of getting shamed in their past. Jordan Power is a coveted writer, comedian, and activist from Toronto who has significantly been abandoning the conventional norms of society with his flamingly gripping outlines that acknowledged that gay people are not just a "trend" or "something new" in today's world. While pouring drinks with Brad, the thought of being invincible to shame sparkled the revolt against the societal beliefs for shamelessly navigating their ways to a ballsy podcast. Brad has contributed to the success of 'Shame on You' as co-host to Jordan and has managed to sell multiple comedy shows across North America and interviewed countless guests from celebrities to ex-boyfriends and one night stands.

Jordan has been exploring the journey towards a revolutionary change with his solo podcast, "The Therapy Diaries" which addresses his journey into psychoanalysis with a stream of consciousness diary entries recorded immediately after sessions that were released as a big hit of 2020. Not limited to this, Jordan is coming up with a new read, "My Therapist Sent Me Nudes'' which he called it "the silver lining" of humor that carries astute comedy. "My book is just longer-form versions of what we touch on in the podcast and the title is based on one of the stories in the book and was one we talked about. A couple of people in Toronto emailed me that they had also been sent nudes by the same therapist and now he's currently under investigation." The book is bound to be released in 2020.

While discussing Jordan's goofy side as a writer, he has been prominently showing up as an activist and has been getting interviewed on numerous platforms that liberally disclose topics of gay representations, LGBTQ rights, etc. Driven by philanthropy, Jordan has been taking the charge of social causes which are close to his heart that includes the AIDS Committee of Toronto Canada's largest HIV service organization based in Toronto, where he provides a variety of programs and services for people living with HIV and those at increased risk. The power-duo, Brad and Jordan, have been constantly empowering to live authentically while winning over their brutal experiences of the past and unapologetically conquering the hatred for being gay. Now the wait is to see how "refreshingly shameless" it is going to be with"My Therapist Sent Me Nudes!"