Jordan Lintz is Dominating the Social Media Marketing Game

Jordan Lintz

In today's fast-paced world of advertising, from the old-fashioned billboards to pop-up ads and those on Facebook and Instagram, social media marketing is king. Entrepreneur, Jordan Lintz, is a top-caliber player within the field of social media marketing.

Jordan is the co-founder of an extremely successful social media marketing company, under the business name, HighKey Holdings Inc. The business enjoys incredible popularity with some of the biggest names out there, such as artist Rick Ross, rapper Snoop Dogg, legendary comedian Kevin Hart, actress Bella Thorne, Dababy, Trippie Redd, and more. Spearheading the social media marketing division of HighKey Holdings, Jordan has an innate sense of marketing, a relentless work ethic, and one who seems to always have a few secrets up his sleeve.

Jordan's outlook on work is simple. "I don't work because I have to, I work - in this field - because I want to," he says. Anything that Jordan touches, turns into gold. He also finds inspiration in the desire to help others within this field of business.

This entrepreneurial expression began for Jordan Lintz in 2016, when he helped create and establish the first of four divisions within HighKey, called, HighKey Technology Inc. This is an e-commerce consumer technology brand. The company hit a seven-figure revenue in just three years. Then, what seemed to naturally follow from there was HighKey Agency Inc., which is a service-based company that creates content and manages social media for entrepreneurs/brands in various fields of business. Jordan helped run the company while acquiring a plethora of clients, all of whom pay a monthly retainer fee for their services. HighKey Agency has skyrocketed, to become the number one personal branding agency of its kind.

Jordan's latest venture is, by far, the largest leap made from within the genre of the HighKey companies, the beginnings of yet another division called, HighKey Clout Inc. It began operating only a year ago, and it has achieved an incredible $10,000,000 worth of revenue so far. Though Jordan has a passion for the entire HighKey business, he confesses that "HighKey Clout takes up most of my time. My personal gifts are better used within this division of HighKey. He adds, "Each of these divisions within the HighKey company sets us up for the next one. It's a long process, and we keep learning new skills and growing along the way, which, to me, is so exciting!"

Starting out as an entrepreneur, of course, is always difficult. Jordan recalls how he and his brother did not pay themselves a single wage for two and a half years. "Look, passion always needs to be your fuel for the fire. It's as simple as that," says Jordan, implying that passion is more important than earnings.

According to Jordan, entrepreneurs should know that the business requires more money than the person behind it. By working for the business without pay, Jordan has been able to achieve incredible things in the last few years. He took the unconventional route, and it paid off big time.

When asked about those initial conditions and boundary-type conditions involved in starting a company, Jordan Lintz explains that it's a question of two sides: Knowing when the right idea - among many - has come along, and then taking advantage of that idea at the right time. He emphasizes the importance of timing and then being ready to just dive in without second-guessing yourself.

Jordan chose marketing - within social media - because the industry is essentially at a relative infancy stage, and it's ever-evolving. So, too, is his skill set, ever-evolving. Jordan reflects, "I like to learn new things as often as I can and to expand my horizons having learned new things. With social media, it's as if a black hole, never-ending. I've been able to grow quickly, and that, in turn, propels me to that next stage."

Jordan, along with his brother-partner, is the mastermind behind HighKey's branding. In order to establish contacts with A-list celebrities, Jordan made sure to have a precise plan and vision before committing to doing business with any specific influencer. The services offered by HighKey are so unique and so targeted that nobody else on the market can even compete. Customers keep coming back, craving the same great results HighKey has delivered time and again.

Jordan is extremely excited about the future, both his future and the future of HighKey Holdings. He puts an enormous amount of time into developing his talents, doing research, and networking with every high-level person in order to ensure a profitable future for his company's divisions, and for his clients.