Jordan Langhorne, the prodigy proved that age is just a number through his e-commerce store " Bay Area Sportscards"

Jordan Langhorne

" Everything is an opportunity waiting to reveal itself ". Opportunities are presented to us every day, but not everyone is ready to see and grab them. Turning everything into opportunities is an art and Jordan Langhorne is a true artist in this department. People always find memorabilia engrossing and fascinating; they are one of the most expensive and accurate merchandise to invest in. These significant items are a link between you and someone important to you. During his childhood, Jordan Langhorne was a memorabilia enthusiast but unlike others his inquisitive mindset made him see the prospect into the memorabilia business.

Jordan Langhorne stepped into the business arena at the age of 12, when most of the kids were busy with their school work this magnificent personality built his own rules for success. Seeing scopes into the memorabilia business, he started selling signed pieces of memorabilia, Facebook became a suitable platform for his growth of the business. He created his own Facebook group and succeeded in gaining the followership of more than 17000, soon after attaining considerable victory he decided to take his victory to the next level. At the age of 16, he started trading in sports cards " Bowman Chrome Baseball Cards", this Facebook group again hit the mark of 11000 followers. Growing up he is very vulnerable to things that shaped him into a man with dignity. He exclaims his desire to inaugurate a movement to train young entrepreneurs on how to maximize their potential and create wealth.

This huge outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic left people in great misery, small businesses went through an immense loss. But this business tycoon turned this situation into a great opportunity. Jordan Langhorne Launched his " Bay Area Sportscards" business in September of 2020. He worked day and night on his business and by October 2020, the Bay Area Sportscard eBay stores had sold over $ 100,000 in graded sports cards within 90 days and by January 1st, 2021 this number was over $200,000.

Jordan Langhorne has also shown success in other markets such as trading cryptocurrencies, stocks, and NBA Top shot. He is often asked about his success mantra as he says that he believes "persistence is key ". Consistency is vital if you desire to be successful in any endeavor. Perseverance separates winners from losers. He strives for consistency. Jordan is a true inspiration for people who are embarking on their struggles.