Jonghyun's last album to be released tomorrow, k-pop stars to pay final tribute

Jonghyun Twitter

SHINee and SM Entertainment are all set to pay a tribute to late K-pop star Jonghyun for one last time. The label will be releasing a final album produced by the late idol on Tuesday, January 22.

Titled 'Poet I Artist,' the digital version will be out on Tuesday and the physical version on Wednesday. The album features a total of 11 tracks—Shinin, OnlyOneYouNeed, Hashtag, Grease, Take The Dive, Sightseeing, Rewind, Just For A Day, I'm So Curious, Sentimental and Before Our Spring.

The proceedings from the album will go to Jonghyun's mother who will establish a foundation to help the needy.

The solo album was originally planned for an early 2018 release. "We hope that the thoughts of Jonghyun, who loved music more than anyone and worked to communicate through music, will be delivered to the fans," the company said in a press statement.

SHINee member Jonghyun was found dead at his apartment in Seoul on December 18. According to police, the idol was found unconscious at his residence in Cheongdam with a coal briquette. Though he was rushed to the hospital, the entertainer succumbed to death after failed CPRs. The death of Jonghyun has once again raised questions on the dark side of the K-pop world. Often, artists undergo severe mental depression due to extreme pressure that they face. Apart from that, there are several accusations that the entertainment companies often treat an aspiring idol with the cut-throat screening process. Stars like Jonghyun are picked up by these agencies at a very young age and the brutal pressure that they undergo leads to serious consequences.

Meanwhile, the rest of the SHINee members—Minho, Key, Taemin and Onew—have decided to go ahead with their upcoming activities as planned. The boys will begin with SHINee World The Best 2018 - From Now On concert in Tokyo and Osaka in February.