Jonathan Diaz, The 'MarTech' Expert Disrupting The Online Marketing And Technology Space

Jonathan Diaz

Technology and marketing are two critical pillars for any business to succeed in today's business world. In order to address customer demands, technology has dramatically helped influence how a business operates and grows its bottom line. Technology has revolutionized marketing to a point where everyone now understands that an online presence is inescapable.

Jonathan Diaz has mastered the art of combining technology and marketing to achieve greater results for his clients. The founder of JDiaz Business LLC, Jonathan has worked with every type of company imaginable, from your local "Mom and Pop" shop to Inc. 500 companies. One company Jonathan served is big-name company, Crunch Fitness, helping them launch two gyms with over 2000 members on opening day. Jonathan helped them generate leads 3x cheaper and increased their show-up rate by 2.2x through Facebook ads and a Chatbox.

The digital advertising and marketing market in the United States was estimated at $155.3 billion in 2021. On the other hand, the global tech space was roughly $5.2 trillion by 2021. Considering the marketing and technology industries are both incredibly vast spaces, combining the two expertise (MarTech) to bring better results to clients is something that Jonathan has proven highly successful in doing.

One of Jonathan's secrets to success in his business is creating his own tools in order for his customers to maintain quality control. He has great interest in SAAS and is currently developing, a linkedin automation software. He has also created (a software similar to Loom), to help businesses close more deals, as well as which is a bio-link similar to LinkTree with sales tools to help entrepreneurs sell their products.

As many markets are fast becoming highly saturated and hyper-competitive, JDiaz Business helps businesses stay relevant and at the forefront of their industries. One way they do this is to analyze a business's website from a marketing perspective in terms of site analytics. They also implement robust strategies such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-per-click (PPC) to help boost a business's bottom line and have them gain more attention in search engine results.

What has also helped Jonathan scale faster is working with a dedicated and visionary team. Since he was a child, Jonathan states he had unique and crazy ideas, however he never had the resources or manpower to make them come to life. When he began generating income from his business, he immediately grabbed the profits and hired his first employee. Today, he has ten employees, with all of them working cohesively in marketing, graphic design, and software development.

By combining technology and marketing and having a dedicated team, Jonathan Diaz has managed to transform the online space in tremendous ways. His company is also proof that having a dedicated team helps to bring forward a hyper-focused approach, relevant experience, and expertise that leads to cost efficiency as well as increased revenue.