Jon Stewart Blasts Hunter Biden; Says President's Son's Role in Ukraine Energy Company was Corruption 'Straight Off Bat'

Comedian Jon Stewart believes US President Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden having a position on board of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy sector holding company, is a "clear case of corruption".

During a recent episode of his podcast The Problem with Jon Stewart, the comedian and political commentator spoke with British reporter Gabriel Gatehouse. The two discussed how Hunter's infamous abandoned laptop was initially downplayed by the mainstream media and labelled as a conspiracy theory.

Stewart said the first son's involvement on board of Burisma, for which he was paid a wholesome $1 million a year, was corrupt on its face. "I don't need a laptop with like a hint of circumstantial evidence," the comedian said. "Now tying Joe Biden to it, it's gonna take some digging. And if it's real, you know, that's a thing."


Stewart believes the idea that nepotism would allow much larger amounts of money to flow into the hands of people unqualified, to be in positions that they have been accepted because you think those countries are trying to buy influence. "Welcome to the f ***ing world. And I think, I think it's a huge problem on it s face. Forget about any secret laptop."

Hunter Biden

The host agreed that the president's son having a position on the board was corruption. "To me, that's corruption, straight off the bat." Stewart believes that Hunter Biden's connections to holding company were a much bigger issue of concern than whatever was in the laptop.

The Laptop

But Gatehouse criticized the mainstream media brushing off the Hunter Biden laptop story. He said that not only was it real, but the FBI had the bloody laptop all this time. "Hadn't really looked on it. Hadn't figured out – and then it took the establishment media in the US, the New York Times and the Washington Post, let's say the kind of, you know, the big took them nearly two years to go through the laptop as you expect they would do," the British reporter said.

Gatehouse admitted that he didn't take the story seriously at first because individuals like Steve Bannon were the ones publishing the narrative. "As Steve Bannon said 'Flood the Zone with s***. Right?'"

It should be noted that the story about the laptop indeed made it into the media via Steve Bannon. Gatehouse initially believed that Bannon was flooding the zone with s***. "And that's why I ignored it."