Joker controversy escalates with 'Rock and Roll Part II' song

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After winning the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, it faced criticism for the violence shown in the movie 'Joker.' But still, it has managed to break the box office records. Now once again, it has got itself into another controversy and this time the issue arose for using a particular soundtrack.

The movie is a psychological thriller film that is based on the characters of DC Comics. The movie revolves around a man who turns to violence because he is mentally troubled and lonely. The character of 'Joker' is played by Joaquin Phoenix, who manages to instigate a mass rebellion by uprising the poor.

The film was premiered on August 31 at the 76th Venice International Film Festival and was released on October 4 in US. Joaquin Phoenix has given his best in the movie and this has reflected in his work, for which he has been praised by the critics and fans.

Along with all the compliments the film has been targeted and labelled as a movie of violence. It is now entering into controversy for a mere track used in the film. 'Rock and Roll Part II' is a song by Gary Glitter, who made this song in 1972 and is a convicted paedophile.

'Rock and Roll Part II' is being played (in the background) in the movie when Joaquin Phoenix's character is seen dancing down the large set of the staircase. Critics have started to claim that Glitter will readily earn royalty money on the soundtrack and DVD sales of the movie 'Joker'.

Darren Mooney, the author of Christopher Nolan: A Critical Study of the Films, says that using this track is the most 'morally irresponsible' thing about Joker.