JoinSangha: The Journey of One Person's Mental Peace In A Cutthroat Tech World

Jiaru Cai

Jiaru Cai is one woman who is making an impact in the technology industry. But not because of her skills as a data engineer, but as the CEO of JoinSangha. The meditation firm offers tech professionals the chance to channel negative energy out of their bodies and achieve inner peace. Using Yogi techniques, JoinSangha participants are able to overcome their stresses and strike a balance

Tech and Stress: An Inevitable Pair

The tech world is one of the most stressed out industries in the world. A 2015 study shows more than half of surveyed professionals in tech had depression, anxiety, and insomnia. For many, the mental stress had manifested as physical ones, including hypertension and even diabetes.

If this wasn't enough, the US economy is not doing so well. The tech industry is seeing massive layoffs as companies downsize. More than 191,000 tech employees were let go in 2023 alone. The economy is improving this year, but it still is a far cry from a proper bull run as almost 50,000 tech people have lost their jobs in 2024 so far

This puts tremendous pressure on professionals to meet the ever-increasing demands and deadlines as they scramble to keep their jobs secure.

How Jiaru Cai Found Her Balance

Once a rising star in the tech field, Jiaru Cai had everything she could ask for. A data engineer at TikTok and a data analyst before that with Google, Jiaru commanded respect wherever she went.

But the spirit to explore the world always took a back seat as she moved up in the Silicon Valley. An epiphany last year made Cai question the world she worked in. With stresses mounting, it was high time she took a break from work for her mental health. In May 2023, she quit her extremely high-paying job and decided to free her spirit.

For the next few months, she backpacked through Europe, where Jiaru realized that not all can take time out to visit peaceful locales and regain their mental balance.

That is when JoinSangha was born, her plan was to give professionals peace through technology: connecting community and mindfulness.

JoinSangha: The Ying to IT's Stress Yang

Deadlines, sleepless nights, and even layoffs are a common scenario in the cutthroat IT world. With stresses peaking, professional workers are always in need of avenues to vent their tension.

Yet, most cannot do that. From being unable to take time out to go to retreats, or simply because they don't have a community to get support from, meditation was missing for them.

Jiaur's JoinSangha comes at the heels of the strain faced by hundreds of thousands of professionals. Built by veterans of the tech world, JoinSangha's innovative methods to connect with yogis from all over the world digitally reduce the need to take long breaks for retreats.

With the power to connect with a meditation specialist from the comfort of their homes and even offices, IT professionals can find the mental balance they need. People can set up their own schedules. Be it daily or just on the weekends, the community comes together, the vision of Jiaru's need to make an impact on the world through mindfulness.

About JoinSangha

A platform for professionals to connect with like-minded people and Yogis, JoinSangha is the go-to place for people who want inner peace, but are too caught up in their jobs to make time.

Using community power, JoinSangha creates an online digital place for meditation. Without any time commitment, JoinSangha users can team up with other meditators, helping them focus on achieving nirvana and mental clarity for a better work-life balance.

This article was first published on May 24, 2024