Joilson Melo and his fight for equality and justice in the world

Joilson Melo

Throughout Brazil, equality and justice are terms which are often blurred within the system, and the fight against these injustices is always ongoing. This is especially true for Joilson Melo, who is a lawyer dedicated to his work in fighting injustices and promoting social welfare within his country.

Through his work as a lawyer, Joilson aims to help create change within his country through internal judicial procedures. Everything within the legal system must follow a set of standards and structure, however, these can often be time consuming and take a long amount of time to even be considered.

Within Brazil, there is a huge wealth gap between the rich and the poor, more so than many other countries which have this issue too. Oftentimes, this wage gap is due to many legal structures which have been put in place to protect the rich.

Joilson believes that lawyers can play a significant role in bringing about change to the system, due to their understanding of the complexities of the legal system and filing procedures to make change. Ultimately, his goal is to change policies in place to help serve the poor, which is near impossible to do with the current system in place.

While this is a task that seems daunting, Joilson is well on his way to making change, studying law at Fasip College and looking to inspire change through his work there and abroad. The injustices presented in Brazil at the time of this writing are overwhelming, and many believe the country is going on a fast track downhill due to the enormous amount of corruption happening within the highest levels of government.

This, in combination with incompetence, has led the country to some low levels, such as through the government's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. This incompetence led to the deaths of over 500,000 Brazilians, and it is this incompetence which Joilson aims to change in his work. He also hopes to inspire the generation to realize change can happen, regardless of where you are from.

Through his hard work and studies, Joilson Melo believes he can make the change in his country for the better.