Johnny Depp named the most overpaid actor of 2016: What's his return on investment?

Johnny Depp's unsuccessful movies at box office made him the most overpaid actor, for the second time.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp is known for his legendary performance and dark, serious roles. Pinterest

The Alice in Wonderland's mad hatter is the most overpaid Hollywood actor of the year, according to the list released by Forbes. Johnny Depp, known not only for his versatile acting but also for his huge fan following, is ranked as the most overpaid actor in the year 2016. His last three movies returned US$2.80 at the box office for every US$ 1 he was paid.

The Most Overpaid Actors list is based on how much each performer earns in comparison to ticket sales for his or her films that year. In 2015 Depp's movie 'Mortdecai' failed to do any successful box office business. The idiosyncratic performer is celebrated for his dark, somewhat serious roles but from past two consecutive years Depp is crowned as Hollywood's most overpaid actor.

Depp without any shadow of doubt, is one of the biggest stars at box office. But his ugly divorce with ex-wife Amber Heard who had accused him of physical and verbal abuse affected his movies and career this year.

The actor denied all the allegations of abuse and Heard withdrew them as part of a $7 million divorce settlement reached in August. But by that time the 190 million dollar ship of the Alice in Wonderland sequel named 'Alive through the Looking glass' had already sank, crashing the box office business of the movie.

Amidst all these disappointments, the man with a big heart known for his love and fondness for children, did not forget the hospital where his daughter was operated years ago and went to meet the sick children for Christmas.

The star visited London's Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital where his daughter Lily-Rose was treated successfully for her renal failure back in 2007. Dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow he played with the children and posed for pictures with them that are buzzing the Instagram with notes of happiness and thankfulness.

This article was first published on December 10, 2016