John Rapisardi's Instagram Handle, a plethora of scenic vistas and beautiful locales

John Rapisardi’

Instagram today, is teeming with social influencers and accounts that depict vivid or captivating images. From delicious edibles to gorgeous celebrities, the list is endless. Amongst them, some accounts genuinely look like works of art. John Rapisardi is a professional travel-photographer whose account is brimming with gorgeous photographs that would leave you truly spellbound. His passion and dedication are evident through one of the most visually stunning accounts on Instagram.

"I have spent a lot of time traveling the world and developing my photography portfolio. In the past five years, I have spent my time traveling across the country and internationally in Middle East, Europe, South America and the Caribbean," he said. John's main professional focus is real estate but he has managed to put together an impressive and growing portfolio that has been well received by other creatives.

Not only is Rapisardi an exemplary travel photographer, but he has a growing portrait and fashion photography business. "I have shot models from major agencies, Project Runway models, as well as other social media personalities," Rapisardi said. "I started shooting just friends in my spare time and things kind of took off from there."

The 27-year-old is an Instagram influencer with a rapidly growing following. A scroll through it will make you want to pack your bags and set off on a tranquil vacation yourself. Full of vibrant travel stories, his handle is perfect for wanderlusts who need a little nudge to set out on adventures of their own.

With his passion for travel and photography flourishing side by side, John Rapisardi is living the best of both worlds. His story proves that you can have two passions, which are the absolute opposites of each other, and yet manage to excel at both.