John Qreshi Author of Rewiring Your Success Explains The Only Guaranteed Gateway to Become Wealthy

John Qreshi

John Qreshi—Esotericist, Author of Rewiring Your Success, Creator of Quantum Master Coach™️ & Executive Member of the American Board of NLP & Hypnotherapy.

"Your Brain Changes Every Day Based On What You Do, Feel, And Think. This Can Work for You are Against You."

John Qreshi raises an important question, Is the fate of our lives already programmed for us before we grow up?

According to John Qreshi & American development biologist Dr. Lipton, 95% of our lives come from the programs inside our unconscious mind. This is why rich people stay rich and poor people stay poor.

John Qreshi is not alone in this thinking. Robert Kiyosaki, a renowned businessman, wrote in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad that coming from a poor family and trying to get rich, your odds of making it are not in your favor. But if you come from a rich family and might not have the essential skills of life, you'll still have better odds of striking rich. It's because you have better programs installed in your unconscious mind.

So why does this hold true in most cases. Think about who you associate with or the support system of your family. Does your support system have values that drag you down, having thoughts like, "oh you can't make it. Life is too hard for the struggle. Things just don't work out in my favor" These are the programs that John Qreshi & Dr. Lipton was eluding to. If this is 95% of the environment you're surrounded by then your subconscious has already made the decision that you won't be rich.

John Qreshi raises an important question, what about the other 5% of your mind (conscious)? What does it consist of? This is your conscious decision making, your creative intuition. A different style of learning than your subconscious. Your conscious mind can learn from things such as lectures, reading, or going to meetups. Modern Science explains further that the first seven years of a child's brain development predicts 95% of their life programs discussed above.

For your subconscious, this mental state needs repetition to change. Develop habits that change the way your subconscious perceives something and once the subconscious understands something, you won't need to go back and learn it. It will be automatic.

So is our fate really preprogrammed? Does our subconscious lead us to be rich or poor? It may well be, but we can reprogram our subconscious by beginning to do something daily in a repetitive cycle that can help you break the program. It can change your subconscious way of thinking to allow you to make the positive changes needed for a path to prosperity.

John Qreshi answered further, "what habits can I start that puts me on a different path, one of life to becoming rich if my current programs sway poor." There are many successful people in the world that continuously claim that you are the average of the people you spend the most time with. Hang around four millionaires and you have the best odds of becoming the fifth.

Give yourself permission to be successful. Stop regurgitating the same old narrative that is keeping you back. Qreshi explains that's the definition of Insanity. If you have a subconscious association between successes being amoral, or corrupt, of course, you're not going to do what you need to do to live the life you want to live. Instead, give yourself permission to step into a whole, happy, healthy, grounded, and meaningful existence.

John Qreshi further raised a question, Are you going to be an excuse maker or an action taker because you can't be both about the same thing at the same time.

Qreshi believes by beginning with a gratitude journal is the first step towards letting go of old identity and allowing to install new behavior and identity in your unconscious mind.

When you start shifting your subconscious mindset by writing everything that you are grateful for, you will start giving new meanings to new possibilities.

Qreshi believes you can't achieve a level of fulfillment and success by being in a negative state. So Doing gratitude and continuously giving yourself a new positive identity first thing in the morning as a daily ritual or incantations would shift your paradigm significantly.

Qreshi further said, "Be Where You Are". Meaning, live in the moment and be satisfied with where you are because if you wish away the journey, the end goal of riches may not seem so sweet.

John Qreshi thinks you'll find that you can either let your subconscious define you or you can take actionable steps to get yourself on a more meaningful path. Our subconscious will consciously make us rich or poor if we let it. Rather, if we take repetitive actions to get our subconscious on a more successful path, we have better odds of becoming successful.

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