John Michalski Suicide: Justice Feared Being Exposed for Alleged Involvement with Strip Club Owner?

Supreme Court Judge Justice John Michalski (61) died by suicide on Tuesday, weeks after FBI searched his house in the ongoing investigations of a case.

The case in question was related to Peter Gerace, the owner of a strip club who was said to be a close associate of Justice Michalski.

As per the report carried in the New York Times, FBI agents had visited the residence of Justice Michaliski o question him about Gerace, who is involved in federal prosecution.

Justice John Michalski

FBI Probed the Business Of Michalski's Wife

There are speculations that Justice Michalski had been involved in extending indirect support to his friend Gerace and had also been a beneficiary in some way. It is also learnt that FBI agents during their investigations were probing about online clothes business of Justice Michalski's wife.

It is pertinent to mention that Michalski had attempted to commit suicide in February 2021 by throwing himself in front of a slow-moving train and had been hospitalized with serious leg injury. This day coincided with the day when Michalski's friend Peter Gerace was arrested and indicted with charges of sex trafficking and bribery by Federal agents.

Social media is loaded with diverse comments as some followers are criticizing the widespread corruption in Judiciary whereas there are many who are sympathizing with the deceased Justice.

A tweet read, "New York State Supreme Court Judge John Michalski dies by suicide after agents raid his home #SmartNews dirty judges must be dealt with and weeded out!"

"Ties to a guy that owned a strip club being investigated for human trafficking. I've seen more and more of these stories... from government officials to Disney. The human trafficking pandemic New York State Supreme Court Judge John Michalski found dead," expressed a twitter user.

Another tweet read, "This judge was friends with a strip club owner who was just charged with human sex trafficking, then he just up and offs himself? Where the hell is Killary? New York State Supreme Court Judge John Michalski found dead".