John Mayer and Amy Schumer 'growing closer'

Amy Schumer split from Ben Hanisch in May.

John Mayer
John Mayer is ready for a new relationship Reuters

John Mayer and Amy Schumer are rumoured to be dating. The 36-year-old comedienne has found love again after her split from Ben Hanisch in May.

A source told The Sun: "Amy and John have been friends for years but they have been growing closer over the past few months."

"They are both completely down to earth, and that's why they get on so well. It is early days but they have been on a few dates and she even shared a photo of themselves on Instagram last month after they attended a comedy gig together," the insider added.

"John is in the middle of a world tour and she is filming, which has made it hard for them to see each other. But they are talking a lot and have been flirting on Instagram. They are definitely having fun," the soure shared.

Previously, Mayer has opened up about his love life. The 39-year-old singer insisted he is ready for a new relationship.

During an appearance on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live, Katy Perry's former boyfriend said: "I'm ready to roll, I'm older and more mature than I've ever been and the stage is set."

Mayer added: "There's nobody on the stage, but I'm excited for a meet cute...because I feel ready...I'm very protective of that zone because I know how much I worked and how hard I worked to get that zone there. So I'm single and I'm excited about the future."