John Goodenough comes up with smartphone battery that will never burst

John Goodenough, 94, is the co-inventor of the lithium-ion battery and now working on a battery that replaces liquid electrolyte with glass.

Last year the entire tech industry was shocked when reports started coming about the disastrous explosion of Galaxy Note 7 batteries. The debacle clearly showed that the battery technology needs to be worked on to make it better and safer. Physicist John Goodenough (94) has come up with a new solid-state battery formula, which is expected to hold three times more energy than lithium-ion battery. His team is presently working on how to replace a liquid electrolyte with glass, which will ensure that the battery never burst.

john goodenough

Last year not only Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploded but there were also isolate reports of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus witnessing the same fate, both within transit and while in use.

Samsung's investigation last year concluded that it was both the battery and the design of the Galaxy Note 7 caused the mishaps. According to the company, the case of the phone was too small, which caused an "electrode deflection and incorrect positioning of the negative electrode tip in the upper right corner of the battery."


Forbes further reports that Mr. Goodenough's lithium-ion battery has been a staple in several smartphones as well as in Tesla's electric cars. However, the new battery with glass electrolyte will not only but will never burst and can even perform well even at low temperatures. At this point, the battery is still in the early stages of development and it is unclear whether it will be ready for mass production.