John Dimmig: Florida Husband Arrested for Brutally Assaulting Man after Catching Him in Bed Having Sex With His Wife

A video camera installed in the apartment recorded the wife pleading with Dimmig to stop the assault and put an end to the violence.

A Florida husband is accused of battering a man bloody with an aluminum bat after he caught him having sex with his wife in bed, according to a report. John Dimmig, 33, of Lake Worth, has been charged with attempted murder after he entered an AirBnB rental and discovered the victim in the act with his startled wife, CBS 2 reported on Friday.

Upon receiving a 911 call, law enforcement officials arrived at the home in Lake Worth Beach and found that the living room was splattered with blood. According to an arrest report, Dimmig was charged with attempted murder, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and burglary with battery.

Almost Killed Him

John Dimmig
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Following the trail of red stains, it led cops to the bedroom of the apartment. Inside, they found the victim lying on his back, severely wounded and with a towel pressed against his head to staunch the bleeding.

As per the arrest report, the victim told the deputies that he was a CT technician from Arizona who had traveled to Florida for work purposes.

He explained that Dimmig's wife was his coworker, and after completing their work shift, they had gone out for drinks before returning to the Airbnb where the incident occurred.

While in bed with Dimmig's wife, the victim said that he suddenly heard the sound of the front door opening.

To his surprise, Dimmig stormed into the room, wielding a bat in hand and charging toward him. In a fit of rage, the husband forcefully pinned him down and struck him three times with the metal club, according to the report.

Somehow Saved

Police handcuff
This representational picture shows an unidentified handcuffed person. Pixabay/4711018

Police have not yet revealed the name of the victim and Dimmig's wife. The victim said that he was lucky that cops reached the scene on time or he would have been killed.

"I felt like he was out to kill me," he told responding officers.

In the midst of the altercation, Dimmig screamed at the man and warned him not to go anywhere near his wife. Eventually, she intervened and managed to pull her husband away from the victim. Dimmig then fled the scene.

A video camera installed in the apartment recorded the wife pleading with Dimmig to stop the assault and put an end to the violence.

"John!," she could be heard screaming. "Stop! He's bleeding!"

In response, Dimmig reciprocated with derogatory language, referring to someone inside the apartment as a "piece of sh–."

Later, cops went to Dimmig's home and found him in the act of loading two bags of clothing into his Hyundai Accent.

His wife later signed off on a search warrant, and police found a black bat along with bloody garments. Dimmig was taken into custody despite denying the assault. He is scheduled to make a court appearance on July 17.