John Cena makes surprising claim about his career

John Cena dead
John Cena was not involved in a car accident Reuters

WWE superstar John Cena may be returning to the ring after an extended hiatus, but according to the athlete, his time as the top guy may soon be over.

Cena was speaking with Sports Illustrated when he made this rather outlandish statement about his own future. Stopping short of naming his career, Cena said that the time has come for him to move away and allow another young person to carry the mantle which he has been carrying all this while.

'Will continue with the charity'

"It's a giant relay race, and I'm in the phase where I'm handing the stick off. My time is up. Someone else's time is now," this message was put out via the theme song which was tweaked just a touch.

However, the superstar who has made a name for himself, especially with the kids for his charity work said that he will continue to contribute to the society and that his charity work is 'far from done'.

The wrestler has been one of the lynchpins of the WWE universe ever since the company went PG. In theory, going PG means this means that the violence is toned down, sexually-explicit imagery is pretty much nonexistent, and the general tone of the program is catered towards being more 'family friendly'.

As such Cena has been a great advert for the company, he was a great brand value and was also an intense wrestler in the ring. He was also a polarising figure and managed to draw extreme reactions on both sides of the spectrum.

He has already dabbled into Hollywood and was recently completed shooting of his upcoming movie with the legendary Jackie Chan in China. He was slated to make a comeback at the Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia but opted out of event owing to the controversy surrounding the entire scenario.

He may well bid adieu to the ring, but it remains interesting to see which capacity he chooses to stay associated with the WWE universe.