Johannes van Leenen Is Dominating Real-Estate Development In Western Canada With Projects That Are Traditional, Contemporary and Innovative

Johannes van Leenen

The work of a real estate developer is not simple - they must establish credibility with land developers in order to persuade them to sell land for construction, design and construct the ideal building for the selected location, hire the appropriate personnel, and develop systems and processes to ensure the project is completed on schedule. Not to mention having the correct funds available to complete the job at hand. If properties are not placed properly on the market, finding suitable purchasers and tenants may then present its own challenges. Despite the difficulties, property development is essential to guarantee that society advances and a housing shortage is avoided. If done properly, it can lead to a satisfying career.

One property developer who knows of these difficulties and has risen out of the other side triumphant is Johannes Van Leenen founder of Fifth Avenue Properties. With over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry, Johannes has contributed to both single and multi-family development in western Canada, gaining a wealth of experience. During this time, he has made many valuable connections with land developers, built his capital to expand the business and created a team of diligent employees committed to the dream of building a successful new-home real estate company.

Having been part of building over 2,500 properties it is easy to see why Johannes is dominating the housing market in western Canada. After growing up in a family heavily involved in new-home real estate you could say property development runs in his blood. Starting work for his father at 12 years old shovelling snow at -20°c in the communities his father built, helped to teach him the importance of hard work and working in the community. Johannes puts a lot of his early success down to his presence in the community. "A lot of the success we had in High River, Alberta stemmed from community involvement, meeting with town officials to understand the needs of the community, and giving back to those in the community during their time of need." Each of Johannes's builds takes into account the needs of the community he builds in and is tailored to the needs of the area.

With a passion for building positive cultures and relationships, this property developer wants to bring a touch of design and excellence to local communities, so people have the opportunity to live in beautiful homes and buildings at an attainable price point. With several builds in Kelowna and Calgary, Johannes is committed to building quality homes for the future generations of western Canada. His body of work is a testament to the evolving landscape in these areas and provides traditional and contemporary design styles, suitable for all households, income levels and life stages. Each project focuses on developing vibrant and inclusive communities for people to call home.

Having won numerous awards and award nominations, in nearly two decades of building, it is no wonder Johannes has earnt himself the reputation of one of Canada's most sought-after production home builders.