Joe Biden Falsely Claims He Served as Full Professor at Pennsylvania University; Gaffe Triggers Questions on Cognitive Ability

Known for his gaffes, US President Joe Biden is once again in the limelight for his bizarre behavior. His claim of having served as a full professor at the University of Pennsylvania for years has come as a shocker to many. The 79-year-old president made the claim at a public address on Thursday, creating a furore on social media.

A large number of his critics including the senate members are questioning Biden's cognitive abilities.

Social media followers are already comparing the intellectual abilities of Biden and former U.S. President Barack Obama. There is chatter that owing to his recent public appearances and interactions at various public platforms, Obama is already in the race for the next presidential elections. However, this is an impossibility as a term limit is in place for US presidency.

Joe Biden
U.S. President Joe Biden Twitter

Biden Goes Unnoticed

As reported by Mail Online, Biden's repeated lapses including his confusion over Libya and Syria and mistakenly addressing Vice- President Kamala Harris as president comes just after nine days after Obama's return to the White House. Biden looked lost as the media persons ignored his presence and surrounded the former President Barack Obama.

A few of his critics have actually compared Biden to the fictional character of Don Quixote from an English Novel stating that his unending claims point towards his deteriorating brain activity.

It is learnt that Biden was named Benjamin Franklin Presidential Practice Professor in 2017. However, he did not teach any regular classes, instead, made a few public appearances at the ticketed events organized on the campus.

A twitter user took a jibe at Biden stating, "Worked in coal mines, drove an 18-wheeler and school bus, was a lifeguard and took on Corn Pop, and now a professor at a university."

Another tweet reads, "So now Biden was a full professor At Pennsylvania university. He's done everything except go to Jail."

"Will just one of the 81,000,000 Biden voters tell me when Biden was a full professor at The University of Pennsylvania—for four years? Was it before or after he drove the semi-truck?" stated a twitter user.

"Biden Claims He Was a 'Full Professor' at the University of Pennsylvania for 4 Years. Crazy joe has done everything in his senile mind! Pathetic liar! Nursing home waiting for you crazy joe. You, feinstein, nasty peehole and a lot more! LET'S GO BRANDON!" remarked another twitter user.