Joe Biden's Executive Order Favours Cross Border Abortions; a Move to Declare his Candidature for Presidential Elections

In what can be termed as a "signature move", President Joe Biden has signed an executive order aimed at helping women to cross border states and avail abortion facility. This move is being seen as Biden's way of remaining in power and preparation for the next Presidential contest.

Biden for once has received positive feedback to his move as a large number of women- activist have appreciated the step taken by the President to safeguard women rights. However, Biden's detractors have dubbed this as the "political gimmick" and contradictory to "religious beliefs of Christians".

President Joe Biden

Why Should Taxpayers Bear the Brunt of Biden's Whims? Questions Social Media

NBC News in its report referred to the detailed order that directs the Department of Health and Human Services to "consider" allowing Medicaid funds to be used to assist people traveling between states to get abortions.

It is also mentioned in the order that HHS should ensure that health care providers comply with federal anti-discrimination laws so women receive "medically necessary care without delay."

A faction of social media followers termed Biden's decision as one of his "Whims" adding that there were bigger issues that needed executive orders. They also added that this is unfair on the American taxpayers as the order clearly states that Medicaid will be used to pay for abortions of women.

A Twitter user shared his sentiments adding, "Biden awards himself for another symbolic Executive Order w/no authority to do anything, just an empty gesture hoping it will help Democrats in the midterm elections."

Another user wrote, "President Joe Biden said on Wednesday the Supreme Court and Republicans are clueless about the power of American women as he signed a second executive order aimed at protecting abortion rights."

"PINO Biden will sign a bill safeguarding killing an unborn child but he won't sign a bill securing our Southern border that will save thousands of young and old lives a like. "President Joe Biden signs executive order to protect travel for abortion," read a tweet.

Biden was appreciated by a user who simply wrote, "I applaud @POTUS for his actions to protect the right to choose!"