Joe Biden Booed at Congressional Baseball Game Despite Attempts at Pleasing Crowd

President Joe Biden was booed by DC's hometown crowd after he made a surprise appearance at Wednesday night's Congressional Baseball Game. This happened as fellow Dems threaten to scuttle $4.7 trillion spending plan.

Republicans could be heard booing in the stadium while Democrats cheered as the president arrived at Nationals Stadium. The annual game played by members of Congress is traditionally attended by staff of both parties.

Biden entered the stadium during the second inning with the racing president mascots and embraced Speaker Nancy Pelosi, according to Breitbart. He was also seen shaking hands and taking pictures with the teams.

Republicans Booed the Commander-In-Chief

Upon his arrival, Biden put on a blue baseball hat, representing the Beau Biden Foundation, and was spotted signing his name to baseballs, reported the Daily Mail.

All the while Biden tried to sweeten his bitter reception by handing out some Dove chocolate ice cream bars fitted with the signature presidential seal.

The gameplay was paused for a short bit as Biden welcomed some cheers who were then muted by the massive boos from the Republicans sitting along the first baseline, according to the New York Post.

Democrats greeted Biden with cheers of 'We Love Joe' and 'Build Back Better.' A few activists displayed banners pushing for the bigger spending bill to gain support. One read, "Our lives are not a game[.] Pass 3.5T". Another warned, more bluntly, "Democrats don't f— this up."

The president left before the end of the game, which saw Republicans win 13-12.

As reported by The Sun, on the other side of the aisle, some fans raised a banner that read: "TRUMP 2024... TAKE AMERICA BACK."

President Joe Biden
President Joe Biden made a surprise trip to attend the Congressional baseball game on Wednesday night. Twitter

In 1909, Democrats and Republicans Came Together for the Congressional Baseball Game

The Congressional Baseball Game started in 1909 as a way to raise money for charity. It's the longest-running of Capitol Hill's semi-celebrity sporting events, which also include flag football, softball, basketball and hockey. According to Roll Call, this year's game generated about $1.2 million.

Last year's game was canceled because of the Covid-19 pandemic, which also delayed this year's game until near the end of baseball season.

"This builds relationships, and creates a timeout from some of the harshest, I think, partisanship atmospheres I've seen in Congress. So I think in fact it's probably needed now more than ever," Republican Representative Kevin Brady said ahead of the game on Wednesday, according to Reuters.

Tension Within the Democrat Party Over the Infrastructure and Social Spending Bill

Biden's visit to the game comes as he attempted to shore up support for a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill that faces an uncertain future. He had earlier canceled a trip to Chicago, purportedly so he can work on his legislative agenda.

Pelosi scheduled a vote on the president's $1.5 trillion infrastructure package for Thursday, even though the far-left wing of the Democrat party has threatened to boycott if it isn't accompanied by a $3.5 trillion entitlement and tax hike package.