Joe Biden Again Tests Positive For Covid-19. Is This Just an Act to Remain in Limelight? Social Media Chatter

Just three days after a negative test, President Joe Biden has again tested positive for COVID-19 which has had his detractors terming this as an "Act" to remain in the limelight. The social media platforms are buzzing nonstop with different theories on the issue.

A faction of people has even questioned Biden as to why he isn't wearing any mask on the public events if he has tested positive again. They also said that the President can't take the liberty of violating the norms. This has further strengthened the belief of Biden's critics that his test results are "fake".

President Joe Biden

Are the Covid-19 Tests Unreliable?

There is another segment of people who have even questioned the authenticity of the "tests" being conducted for covid-19 adding that they are unreliable.

This whole episode has once again given the anti-vax groups a reason to reiterate their protests against the Covid-19 vaccines. They termed their decision against vaccination as the right step.

A report published by CNN stated that Biden tested positive for Covid-19 again Saturday morning, per a letter from presidential physician Dr. Kevin O'Connor, in what is likely a "rebound" Covid-19 positivity that the doctor noted is "observed in a small percentage of patients treated with Paxlovid." Biden has experienced "no re-emergence of symptoms, and continues to feel quite well" and will, as a result, not resume treatment, the White House said. O'Connor said the President tested negative on Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning, Thursday morning and Friday morning before testing positive on Saturday morning, the report stated further.

A Twitter user while questioning the authenticity of the test wrote, "What? Did Pfizer lie? Scientists Question Pfizer's Paxlovid Data as Biden Tests Positive for COVID-19 Again."

Another user while replying to @POTUS shared, "Don't you have Covid-19 again? You said the jabs would protect against catching it and you've had 4 jabs and caught Covid-19 3 times .. excuse me if I can't take anything you say seriously."

"Before he tested positive for COVID again, Biden was ready to go to the Capitol to visit the vets protesting Congressional inaction on this (after he tested positive, he sent the VA Secy instead). That would've been a huge step. Presidents rarely go personally protest Congress," read a tweet.