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The captivating story of the recently ended tvN drama 'Goblin' seems to have bowled over Korean actor Jo In-Sung, who got a huge popularity after starring in 2004's "What Happened in Bali." The actor expressed his desire to work with the screenwriter of 'Goblin', Kim Eun Sook who apart from 'Goblin' also gave a hit series, "Descendants of the Sun" which ended in April 2016.

Jo In-Sung has been busy with his upcoming film, "The King," and is quite occupied with the film's promotional activities. However, in a recent interview with the local media, as cited by Soompi, the actor revealed that he hopes to get an opportunity to work with Kim.

"Although I don't know what screenwriter Kim Eun Sook has planned for her next project, I really hope that I can be a part of it," the 25-year old actor said.

Well, the fans are quite happy but it is doubtful whether the screenwriter will cast him or not.

The last drama of Jo In-Sung was the 16-episode SBS drama "It's Okay, That's Love." Jo In-Sung reportedly was offered the role of Captain Yoo Shi Jin in KBS 2TV's "Descendants of the Sun," but he declined it because for the role he had to have a short haircut and he was a little sceptical about being a part of a fully pre-produced drama.

Well, as for now, Kim wants to take a three-month break before she concentrates on her new project. She is expecting to complete the new project by the first half of 2018.

According to Korean newsoutlet Munhwa, as cited by Drama Beans, Kim, said: "I've always had an interest in historical dramas."

The writer further added: "Through 'Goblin,' I kind of feel that I have experimented enough to actually do a full historic drama as my next project."