Jo Joo Bin clarifies after JTBC CEO Son Suk Hee says huge corporation is behind 'Nth Room' suspect

As the probe on Telegram Nth Room scandal is getting intensified, names of top people who had paid Jo Joo Bin are coming out.

The CEO of JTBC, Son Suk Hee has alleged that a big South Korean corporation was behind Telegram Nth Room suspect Jo Joo Bin aka Baksa. According to Sun Suk Hee, who is also known as Sohn Suk Hee, Jo Joo Bin had threatened him and he had not reported it to the police as he was skeptical about reaching out to the cops as he thought that the influential company was behind the actions of Jo Joo Bin.

The report that Sun Suk Hee was threatened by Jo Joo Bin first surfaced in 'Chosun Ilbo' on March 28. The current CEO of JTBC and former anchor Sun Suk Hee is said to have been approached by Jo Joo Bin in the guise of a private investigator.

The first contact of Jo Joo Bin with Sun Suk Hee was through a letter, where he allegedly threatened Suk Hee and his family by stating that he had received large sum of money from freelance journalist Kim Woong, who has connections with Sung Suk Hee.

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A case going back to 2019

This case goes back to 2019, when Kim Woong had sued Son Suk Hee charging the latter with assault following a hit-and-run case. The case resulted in the CEO being asked to pay a minor monetary penalty in 2020.

According to Son Suk Hee, in his letter Jo Joo Bin had stated that Kim Woong was backed by the South Korean behemoth.

As reported in Chosun Ilbo, Son Suk Hee tried to justify his belief of the company's involvement in the case as JTBC had done a number of stories that were not in favor of the multinational company. He also said that the company had done background checks on him, multiple times.

Explaining why he made payment to Jo Joo Bin secretly without informing the police, he said that he noticed a stranger lingering around his home where his family stayed, for nearly about six months. Considering this as a threat to his family members, he had paid Jo Joo Bin the money he had demanded.

Jo Joo Bin's confession

After Jo Joo Bin was arrested on March 19, his identity, which was known as Baksa till then, was revealed and he was handed over to the prosecution on March 25. During the questioning Jo Joo Bin opened up about Son Suk Hee. Jo Joo Bin confessed to have threatened Son Suk Hee, the JTBC CEO, but said that the alleged relationship between Kim Woong and Samsung was fake.