Jiwan Emre: From Childhood Hobby to Successful Career

Jiwan Emre

For most people, their dream job revolves around a hobby they could profit off of. Now, that's not an easy goal to accomplish, but with a little bit of determination and hard work, that dream might just come true. And that's the reality for Jiwan Emre, who turned his childhood passion for sports handicapping into a successful business called Crush The Books.

As early as the age of five, Jiwan showed an interest in statistics and analysis, which got him involved in a harmless version of handicapping. As the years went on, Jiwan filled up notebook after notebook, writing down the stats for every player he could to create a portfolio of sorts. He was in advanced schooling, with extra focus on math. This was an extra help for Jiwan to grow his skills.

While young, Jiwan took up a full-time job playing daily fantasy sports, where he would compose online teams of real professional sports players based on their statistical performance. This gained him experience within the industry and taught him important lessons about sports handicapping, which he was able to apply to his current business.

Near the end of high school, he dabbled a bit in poker, even having a short-lived career as a player. Even though this didn't last long, it helped him grow his bankroll, which came in handy when he eventually began his own business. As for his own companies, Jiwan's first-ever venture actually had nothing to do with handicapping or sports, but rather with selling apparel.

Jiwan would bulk order hats from overseas and sell them around his hometown for a profit, though this didn't last too long before he moved onto snow shoveling and lawn care. These ventures taught him the importance of determination and working hard for what he wants and that, with a little bit of those two things, he can achieve whatever he wants.

Growing up, Jiwan's parents had their own business, which showed him how drive and a strong work ethic helped in scaling a company. Watching his parents gain success through their company was a big push for Jiwan and encouraged him even more to start his own business. Once he finally did, all the skills and experience he had learned over the years paid off.

Jiwan created Crush The Books to be an educational sports handicapping business, where individuals can come to learn more about the industry. The company's primary goal is to help their clients make money while giving them a thorough education on everything they need to know about the sports handicapping industries.

Clients can either sign up for a sports handicapping package or, for a higher price, become a part of the membership program, which allows them to maximize their skills and enter the industry full-time for themselves. Crush The Books, and everything it offers, was created to reflect what Jiwan wishes he had available when he entered the industry.

For more information on Jiwan and his company, you can find them on Instagram at @crush.the.books.