Jill Biden Security Breach: FLOTUS' Secret Service Guard Given Expensive Gifts, Offered Assault Rifles

A severe breach in First Lady Jill Biden's security apparatus has been reported. The FBI has revealed that a federal agent, who is on the First Lady's security detail, was offered expensive gifts and a $2,000 assault rifle by two men impersonating as government agents.

Arian Taherzadeh, 40, and Haider Ali, 36, are charged with impersonating federal law enforcement, in particular as employees from the Department of Homeland Security, according to the Washington Post.

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Taherzadeh and Haider Lived at Navy Yard area

The two were arrested after the government agents conducted a court-authorized raid at an apartment building in the Navy Yard area.

The duo is accused of obtaining assault rifles, handguns and other paraphernalia that are used by the agencies. Reportedly, they have also given gifts to officials in the government and therefore the Secret Service's four members have been sent on leave until further investigation.

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Taherzadeh and Ali were living at the DC apartment complex, where many federal employees live.

They Offered Secret Service Employees Expensive Gifts

When a US Postal Service inspector showed up at the apartment on March 14 to address a complaint about an assault on a postal worker, residents informed him that the two men claimed to be "special police" officers working in undercover operations and investigations with regard to the Capitol riot.

Residents had also revealed that the duo had several apartments in the buildings and their SUV was equipped with emergency lights.

Taherzadeh and Ali had claimed that Department for Homeland and Security used to pay the rents of their apartments.

Affidavit against the two people has stated that Taherzadeh offered expensive gifts to employees of the Secret Service and the DHS.

These gifts included rent-free apartments (with a total yearly rent of over $40,000 per apartment), iPhones, surveillance systems, a drone, a flat-screen television, a case for storing an assault rifle, a generator, and law enforcement paraphernalia, according to Washington Examiner.

The two men were in contact with multiple members of the Secret Service and the duo have provided their families gifts and use of their SUVs.

It is also alleged that Taherzadeh had a list of federal agents who live in the building.