Jill Biden Cheating Joe Biden By Having an Affair with Doug Emhoff? Speculations After Two Caught 'Lip Kissing' During SOTU

Speculations about First Lady of the United States Jill Biden having an extramarital with the Doug Emhoff, husband of Vice President Kamala Harris went viral on social media after the two were caught kissing on the lips just before her husband's State of the Union address. The video of the two has gone viral on the social media with several media outlets dubbing it as 'Smooch of the Union'.

Jill Biden
Jill Biden was seen kissing Dough Emhoff during SOTU Twitter

Jill and Emhoff Seemed Very Casual About the Kiss?

The 8-second clip shows Jill walking towards Emhoff wearing a purple coloured dress. As she is cheered on by the onlookers, Emhoff extends his hand to greet her. After standing next to the second husband, the duo kiss each other briefly on the lips, before Jill moves away to stand next to him.

Both Jill and Emhoff appears to be unfazed by the 'accidental' touch of their lips while greeting each other. In fact a viral screenshot also shows Jill with closed eyes as she went on to kiss Harris's husband. It appears that the kiss was a miscalculation by either of them. The New York Post dubbed the photo as "Smooch of the Union."

The other close up shots of the kiss which emerged ever since the debacle shows Jill' kiss landing on just one side of Emhoff's mouth and not exactly on his lips.

Social Media Goes Wild

The 'kissing debacle', whether planned or unplanned, certainly caused a lot of chaos on the social media with several users questioning if the First Lady and Second Husband of the United States are having an affair behind their respective spouses' backs.

"It's going to come out that Jill Biden is having an affair with either this guy or someone else, watch!" tweeted a user.

"She cheated on her first husband and had an affair with Joe behind his back. Nothing would surprise anyone at this point . Very creepy......." wrote another.

"She kissed him so easily cause it wasn't the first time. Affair going on! Sickening," opined a user.

"Y'all talk shit about Melania Trump but don't say shit about Jill Biden, the one who babysat for the bidens than happens to become his wife? She destroyed to families because of the affair they had. You cheer this on?" wrote a user.

"What's going on with you and Doug. How disrespectful making out with the @VP husband's on national TV. You and Kamala just love other women's husband's," read a tweet.

This article was first published on February 8, 2023