Jie Han: Using Modernist Techniques to Create Biblical Imagery in Art

Biblical Imagery

Jie Han, an artist, stumbled upon the surrealistic elements of The Book of Revelation after her baptism in 2020. As she delved deeper into its content, she felt a surge of creativity that prompted her to explore modernist techniques and themes inspired by the Bible. The result was a blend of Surrealism, modernism, and biblical imagery that served as the groundwork for her latest collection. This collection comprises 22 breathtaking pieces that are influenced by The Book of Revelation.

Jie's latest collection showcases a new level of creativity that was sparked within her by The Book of Revelation. She ventured into the realm of modernism and fused it with the compelling narratives and imagery of the Bible to produce an exceptional and unforgettable outcome. She aspires to encourage others to delve into the cultural and historical richness of the Bible through her art. Contrary to the notion that modernist and surrealist artists aim to deconstruct classical art, Jie intends to reconstruct the aesthetic and bring a sense of order to art in line with biblical principles.

For example, Jie's first art piece draws inspiration from Revelation 1:12-14 ESV. The vivid and spectacular vision that John portrays in this passage captivated Jie, prompting her to create a work of art that captures the magnificence of the scene. Jie's interpretation brings the vision to life in a distinct manner that stimulates the viewer's imagination and grants them a glimpse into the splendor and amazement of the celestial realm. By merging modernist methods and biblical imagery, Jie delivers a striking and unforgettable masterpiece that encourages the viewer to perceive the biblical narrative through a fresh and exhilarating lens.

Jie aims to use art as a form of worship, akin to how Medieval Christian artists did. She persistently seeks fresh inspiration and ventures into uncharted territories, continuously exploring the frontiers of artistic possibility. Every new work of art she produces adds to her legacy, which will endure for generations to come.