Ji Chang Wook's agency rejects rumours about his involvement in Burning Sun scandal

Here is how the Burning Sun club scandal ruined careers of big celebrities.

Ji Chang Wook
Ji Chang Wook Instagram/jichangwook

The South Korean actor Ji Chang Wook's agency has denied all the rumours about his close connection to the Burning Sun Investor "Madam Lin."

SBS's investigation program "Unanswered Questions" covered the Burning Sun Club scandal on the show which was broadcasted on Saturday, March 23. The show unveiled the identity of Madam Lin, who is a Taiwan based investor and the owner of 20 percent of Burning Sun's shares.

After the photos of Madam Lin with Seungri, Wook and other celebrities were revealed, it caused massive speculations about Wook's involvement in the scandal, which began with allegations of drugs and violence at Seoul's Burning Sun nightclub.

The actor's agency Glorious Entertainment later clarified the issue and denied the rumours of close connections between Wook and Madam Lin. Here is the statement released by the agency:

The scandal implicated several k-pop celebrities and now, it is making an impact on the TV drama world.

Many people have asked for the removal of Park Han Byul from her role in the romantic melodrama 'Love In Sadness' due to her relationship with those involved people in the Burning Sun scandal. Her husband, Yoo In Suk was the CEO of the company Yuri Holdings, which he co-founded with Seungri, the member of K-pop group Big Bang, in 2016.

So, it not about what Byul has done but the outrage triggered because the Burning Sun nightclub is one of the businesses that fall under the umbrella of Yuri Holdings.

January 2019, MBC's News Desk released a CCTV footage of an assault at the club and as per the video, it looked like as if the victim was beaten by the security guards while trying to save a woman from sexual assault. The next month after conducting a raid in the club Seoul Police found more CCTV videos, the club was shut down.

South Korean cable and satellite television channel, called SBS funE, released text messages between Suk and Seungri. Those messages showed that the partners were discussing providing sexual escort services for their foreign investors. But, as per the Seungri's agency YG Entertainment, those text messages were fabricated.

In March investigators revealed the existence of a Kakao Talk chatroom, where along with eight members both the partners were captured during the sexual encounters with young women. It should be noted that not only the footage was taken without those women's permission, but also the conversation suggested that those women were drugged.

Jung Joon Young, famous singer and TV personality, later admitted that he filmed the young women without their consent.

After Suk was interviewed by the police, he resigned from his position as CEO of Yuri Holdings and that fall out affected his wife's career also.

The scandal affected CNBLUE's Lee Jonghyun, who is currently serving in the military, as the fans of the pop band are calling for his removal.

In this month, Highlight's Yong Jun Hyung also left the famous boy band as he was seen in the chatroom video.