Ji Chang Wook will date after military enlistment: Actor reveals ideal type

Ji Chang Wook wants a girlfriend.

Ji Chang Wook
Ji Chang Woo will date after his military service Facebook

South Korean actor Ji Chang Wook has opened up about his desire to have a girlfriend. The 29-year-old actor cannot date at the moment because of his impending military service.

During an interview with Kpop Herald, The K2 lead actor talked about his future plans. He said: "Whenever I get involved in a fling with somebody, it ends up disappearing. Dating is harder than it looks. That's why I get excited when there's a romantic relationship in my productions."

"I really want to date but I have to fulfill my military obligation so dating probably won't be good for me and my partner," he added.

Adding on, Chang Wook described his ideal type. He said: "Appearances are just temporary. I want somebody I can have deep conversations with. I think that kind of connection is very precious."

Meanwhile, Chang Wook is all set to appear in new web drama, First Kiss for the Seventh Time. During the press conference, he detailed about his character. He said: "In my previous drama 'The K2', I played a secret agent so I wanted to play a cool gentleman in this production."